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Breakfast - Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl is one of the greatest ways to add a different kind of fruits which are fresh to make the person healthy and fit.

Many people here also think that having sugars can be a cause of obesity or some other diseases but here I want to add on that no, not at all because natural sugars don’t cause many problems as artificial ones do. So I believe having fruits in a meal is a must thing.

Next turn comes up that how to make the best smoothie bowl:

The first step is the making of base here, and the base can be of any fruit that a person likes the most.

The next step is still, you can add whatever you like but the combination of fruits which I am going to use turns out to the best one. They are, take one and a half cup of frozen berry blends and some of the fresh bananas. Along with this, add some of the peanut butter in it almost two teaspoons. One can also add a scoop of protein powder if they want. Then add some of the extra water and blend them all together and it will turn out to the best smoothie. One can add any kind of the toppings on it like Almonds, peanuts, fruits or whatever you like to add.

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